Sunday, February 27, 2005


I listen to many different types of music. One of my favorites (surprising as some of you will find this) is Death Metal. Typically, you don't hear much of this played on the radio- however I had found two great ways to listen to it: Death.FM streams it over the internet for listening while I'm at work or home and XM42 (Liquid Metal) for listening in the many hours I spend driving in my car.

About two weeks ago XM decided to discontinue my precious XM42. I turned it on one day and there was a looping message to check the website for information. Then about 2 days later, XM42 was no longer there. :(

They said they would play it for a few hours a day on XM48 (Squizz) (of course those are hours that I am never in my car) and that XM42 would be available all day long on their internet broadcast (available for an additional monthly charge). Well a whole lot of good that does me. I already have a great internet broadcast to listen to while I'm at work, and an internet broadcast really does not do me any good in my car. I can understand that there is limited satellite space at this time, but the only stations they have added lately are Major League Baseball. There's only like 20 of those, and I'm sure MLB needs to be on 20 channels 24 hours a day. *eyeroll*

So now comes my plea. For any of you (regardless of whether or not you listened to XM42) who want to help little Pixie out, please sign this online petition. Thanks for your support.


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