Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Pledge of Allegiance??

Why does the Pledge of Allegiance say "One Nation, under God"?
Why does US currency say "In God We Trust"?
This country was founded by people wanting freedom from religious persecution. There is this little thing called "separation of church and state" So then, why was all of this "God business" added to things like the pledge and our currency?
To make matters worse, a few Christians find it necessary to continue the religious persecution by making an issue out of people who disagree with their personal beliefs. Just because a person thinks that the church should stay separate from the state, doesn't mean that they are a person without morals. It doesn't even necessarily mean they are not a religious person.
I read an article this morning about a man who serves as a trustee on the Town Board. He has for 12 years. He refuses to stand up and recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of the meetings (a recent addition to the town meetings this year) because he disagrees with the statement "under God." The board is moving to spend several thousand dollars to have a recall election to remove this man from office because of this.
I guess everything that man has done for the last 12 years means nothing because he somehow no longer represents the people of that area. *rolleyes*
I applaud this man for standing up in what he believes in, and I hope that more and more citizens of the United States continue to do so in the coming years.
This country was founded on freedom. It seems to be a lot of groups, particularly Christians, are very intolerant of anyone else's views. So because of a few loud-mouths and a bunch of weak minded followers, we get stuck having "God" in our pledge and on our money; we can't learn about the possibility of evolution, even in public schools; many cannot speak openly of their religious views (or lack thereof) because they will be called immoral people with no values.
Open your mind for a minute. Think logically; weigh all options. You don't have to accept what you have always heard, unless you truly believe it. But please, don't go around acting intolerant of others. It makes you look ignorant. Besides, aren't Christians are supposed to be tolerant of everyone, forgiving of everyone and loving of everyone?
I consider myself to be Patriotic. I love this country. I wish some of my fellow citizens would also love this country for what it is. It is our Great United States of America, not the United Parishes of God.