Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Perpetual State of Agitation

Sometimes I think I just can't stand the stupidity any longer. People who don't bother to read details and then make mistakes. People who walk in front of my car [as slow as humanly possible] in a parking lot. People who talk on their cell phone EVERYWHERE: a restaurant table, in the movie theatre during a movie, in the freaking bathroom, for chrissakes! People who drive like half-asleep grannies in front of me. People who don't know when to just shut the fuck up.
I'm tired of this. I'm tired of being in a perpetual state of aggravation because of these people. Half of them are so stupid, they don't even realize that they are doing something that annoys others. It is unbelievable.

I have recently come to the revelation that there are many, many people in this world who do not have the mental capacity to be intelligent enough to realize things that seem like common sense to me. (quite possibly a result of the advances in medicine and technology that halts the process of natural selection)

Being that I am intelligent and capable, I have decided that I need to find a way to come out ahead in this race of aggravation. I don't need the added stress from these oblivious and careless people. So I'm not going to tolerate it anymore. I'm not going to be nice or polite. They don't care about my feelings, so why should I care about theirs? I'll bitch them out, I'll have an attitude, I'll honk my horn, rev my engine and do all I can to turn my aggravation into theirs. And then, I'll sit there with a giant fucking smile on my face just to rub salt into the wound. I'll thrive off of their negative feelings. I'll point at them and laugh. No more Mr. Nice Guy. No more nice, sweet little Pixie sprinkling Pixie Dust about. Meet the nasty, evil little Pixie who taunts and torments you and then flies away laughing at your misfortune.