Friday, September 10, 2004

Tragedy or Stupidity?

Throughout my life, I see more and more things becoming "idiot-proof." Everything has safety switches and warning labels and alarms. These things probably save thousands of lives every year. Personally, I'd like to see them disappear.

These idiot-proofing devices are to prevent morons from harming, dismembering or killing themselves. Why?

Why do we want to allow morons to further our species? You see there is a man who once explained all of this quite well. His name is Charles Darwin. He spoke of a thing called "Natural Selection." It speaks of the process of evolution and increasing the individual's ability to compete, survive, and reproduce. Therefore meaning that the weak and unintelligent should fall out of this cycle, making the species stronger and smarter in its wake.

The problem is too many people have become too nice and want to protect everyone. There are already too many people in this world, why do we want to save the undesirables? Is that what we want for our future society to be comprised of? I do not.

The worst part is, nowadays people read an article about a couple of kids playing Russian Roulette and one dies, or a person sets themselves ablaze to videotape themselves looking cool and they burn to death, or a woman smells natural gas so she lights a cigarette while waiting for the repairman and blows up her trailer [with herself in it] and people think this is a tragedy!! This is no tragedy! This is pure stupidity. Natural Selection at its finest. Those people were not smart enough to survive so they took themselves out of the gene pool. I say thank you to those people. Thanks for removing yourself from the gene pool and thanks for the laugh!

This type of human is not helping our species advance. They are holding us back. Mind you these are also the type of morons who have a litter of kids because they can't figure out how birth control works. We don't need these idiots and we don't need their moronic children either. I mean, why do you need a warning label to tell you that gasoline is flammable or that electricity might electrocute you or that a cup of coffee is hot?!?!? Where have you been? How can this possibly be new information? And don't give me any crap about how children may not know. Where are their parents?? If you need a sign to tell you not to ingest something called "rat poisoning" then you deserve to die. But please, make sure you share with your family first.

I think Darwinism would make our world a better place. Smarter people. Less of them. I can only imagine how nice it could be. We would have more advanced technology, less illness, longer life-spans, the list goes on. And to top it off, we could get some laughs while all of these substandard folks find ways to off themselves. Personally, I find it quite amusing to watch videos of these people who try their darndest to get a Darwin Award. What is a Darwin Award, you ask? Well, it is a prestigious award given only to those folks who manage to be dumb enough to remove themselves from the gene pool. Check out Darwin Awards for some rather humorous finds. And hey, they don't all die; some of them just manage to destroy their reproductive organs!

So next time you come across a moron doing something dumb, don't jump out and help them, let Natural Selection do its job. Help make our society a better place for those of us who are superior.

Darwinism, Darwinism, RAH RAH RAH!!!


Blogger Legolas said...

That's a great post... I am a strong believer in evolution. even if there is a god or some cosmic purpose or spirite.. Well they too believe in evolution... This is why less control can be good for society... not the choas theroy, i don't want to be killed by some manson jack ass... just let the idiots kill themselves off, and let them abort their babies, and smoke or drink, or even sniff and shoot up themselves off of my planet...

1:33 PM  
Blogger Legolas said...

stupidity~ stupidity is getting a minor degree burn on your arm because you tried to be gentlemen and grab a fricking warming stone that was droped next to the fire in the fire pit...

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is Hart
Only problem of letting natural selection take its course is that idiots often take other people with them.

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Grunt.

The problem is where to draw the line.
Someone can be a complete genius in mathematics or physics yet a total bozo when it comes to everyday "real-life" things like driving or cooking.
So, that guy dies at 19 years old and the rest of the species loses out for several hundred more years on something like Cold Fusion. Hmmmm, nah. Far better to start wars. That way you can draft the stupid, send them overseas and get them killed. In the process you can weed out the valuable and keep them safe inventing new weapons to kill the other sides stupid people.
Cynic?... me?.... LOL

1:55 AM  

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