Wednesday, September 22, 2004

OMG, you are like SO Judgemental!

Q: Why is it so wrong to be judgemental?


Personally, I think a bunch of people who felt inadequate got together and came up with this idea that "we" [as a society] should not be judgmental towards others. "We" should not be selfish or self-centered. Those things make us "bad" people. They were easily able to influence a lot of other people who felt inadequate, who influenced others and others until this somehow became a society norm. The real problem is that our society is filled with a bunch of sheep. And then along comes someone like me, an Alpha Plus- The Wolf.

The sheep have these foolish ideas of society being this nice friendly happy place where everyone is equal in every way. Hummm...that sounds vaguely familiar...what is it?? oh yeah- COMMUNISM! People like me reject these ideas. We realize that communism doesn't work, and we don't want to live that way. I have a strong desire to better myself, to lead and influence people and to be known. I want to make myself a better person so I can stand out among the rest, so I can have better things and have a greater quality of life.

In order to get there, I don't sit back and follow along with what everyone else does. I listen to their ideas and then I think about them. If they don't make sense, then I don't go along with them.

It is okay to judge people. And quite frankly, I doubt most people could say they don't judge anyone in some way shape or form. Sure, everyone makes mistakes in their life, but I have to consider their actions. I need to know the people I surround myself with. I want to live my life a certain way, and in order to achieve that lifestyle I need to be surrounded by a certain type of people. So when I meet someone, I judge them. I am instantly able to make a preliminary judgement whether or not this is someone I want to include in my life or not. Are they of any worth to me?

I don't give people the benefit of the doubt. I'm not nice to everyone I meet. Not to say that I am automatically mean either, I am indifferent until the person gives me just cause to think otherwise. I am a valuable person, and I only give my friendship to those who I deem worthy of it.

I will judge you based on your thoughts and your actions. I will take into account your feelings about things you have done. But in the end, I will judge you. I will determine in my opinion the value of you as a person and whether or not you are worthy to be an aquaintance of mine, or even a friend.

Some people say they evaluate others and then decide whether to be around them or not. But they also say that they don't pass judgement on them. That is simply misleading to those who do not think about what they were told. Judgement means: The formation of an opinion after consideration or deliberation; The capacity to assess situations or circumstances and draw sound conclusions; good sense; The capacity to form an opinion by distinguishing and evaluating. [These definitions came from]
So yes indeed-e-do, you are judging people. Now if only you had the self-confidence to stand up and admit that.

People these days are so damned concerned over how what they say will be perceived by others that they are afraid to admit the truth. You are judging people. Yeehaw. Admit it and go on. There is nothing wrong with it. Just like there is nothing wrong with being selfish (ahhh...another rant for another day...).

But not everyone can be an Alpha-Plus, and I wouldn't want them to be. It is just sad that so many people feel they have to sit down and say they are doing "the right thing" when they are actually doing something else but will not admit it- for appearances sake. In my book, they look lame. They aren't even making a valid argument.

Take a step back. Evaluate the situation. Decide what you are really doing. Then make a stand. Present a valid argument. I know I would respect you a lot more if you just made a valid argument, even if I don't agree.



Blogger Phin Samuels said...


Those are some great thoughts. I think that you right, we have to judgemental on so many levels. I think as long as we are coming to well thought out opinions than we can be as judgmental as we want to be.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Becky said...

Well done as always. I agree. I dont think its bad to be critical of people either. So why does "judging" have such a bad wrap? Why is it a punch at your character when someone says that "you're a bad paerson because you judged." ?

6:18 PM  
Blogger filmgoerjuan said...

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Blogger filmgoerjuan said...

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Blogger filmgoerjuan said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with judging other people -- everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion and can (and should) act on that opinion as he or she sees fit.

Often, where the problem enters into this mix is when people begin to pre-judge others or to make generalizations about others before really giving them a fair shake. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt before passing judgement on them one way or the other. In some cases this has led to awkward situations, in others it has led to friendships with people whom I wouldn't normally associate. It's really a matter of personal comfort.

So why does "judging" have such a bad wrap? Why is it a punch at your character when someone says that "you're a bad paerson because you judged." ?While judging people isn't wrong, I think you might be running into a situation where it appears (rightly or wrongly) that you're *passing* judgement over another person or persons. A lot of people find that kind of behaviour offputting as it can come across as affecting an air of superiority or an attitude that "I'm better than you".

And really, by saying that, aren't they in fact judging you?

Not that there's anything wrong with that ;)

P.S. Becky: just for future reference, I believe the term you want to use is rap, not wrap. I have had many bad wraps in my life, but so far (mercifully) few bad raps ;)

11:02 PM  
Blogger filmgoerjuan said...

Sorry for the multiple deletes. The darn system isn't spacing between the italicized quote and the next paragraph properly (despite doing so in preview mode)


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Blogger Legolas said...


Sorry.... Someday had to at least pretend to disagree... Now if I agree, does that mean I am a sheep that follow's, Or do great minds think alike???

I liked this little post... I was working on one calle "PC" OR NOT TO BE "PC"... Maybe I'll still write it...

8:36 AM  
Blogger thuringwethil2004 said...

Well, I agree that everyone judges. I still think it's wrong, do I do it, sure I'm human. And you're right evaluating is still a form of judging.
But I also think there are people who do nothing but sit and judge others and then can't qualify their judgement by backing it up. They don't stand for anything, once they are called on it or are asked why, they back down or change their mind.
I just feel sometimes people are being judged based on assumptions that you choose to make about someone with out having the facts. That is why I say I try not to judge is because you may not know the circumstances surrounding the person or situation.

5:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Oblique (who lacks a blog account and does not want to invest the time to create one at this time, lol):

Pixie is on to something here, but I have a slightly different take.

I don't think that anyone should judge people. It is not any mortals place to do. Even so, my position does not negate Pixie's point.

It is right to judge a person's conduct. By looking at a person's conduct, I might not have much confidence that they are worthy of my trust, my confidence or my friendship.

Watching how Pixie expressed herself here, she is watching what people do and then coming to conclusions. Nothing wrong with that at all. It is how we avoid getting the shaft and it is how we acquire trusted friends.

If anything, her blog shows that she is not a potential victim.

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think all people judge but we shouldn't and the person who wrote this has serious problems!
You seem like you don't care about those people who get judged have you ever thought about being different Eg having a dieses that makes you different. How would that make you feel.
People like you drive teens mainly to doing stupid things because they think there not good enough. You should be ashamed

5:22 PM  

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