Wednesday, September 22, 2004

OMG, you are like SO Judgemental!

Q: Why is it so wrong to be judgemental?


Personally, I think a bunch of people who felt inadequate got together and came up with this idea that "we" [as a society] should not be judgmental towards others. "We" should not be selfish or self-centered. Those things make us "bad" people. They were easily able to influence a lot of other people who felt inadequate, who influenced others and others until this somehow became a society norm. The real problem is that our society is filled with a bunch of sheep. And then along comes someone like me, an Alpha Plus- The Wolf.

The sheep have these foolish ideas of society being this nice friendly happy place where everyone is equal in every way. Hummm...that sounds vaguely familiar...what is it?? oh yeah- COMMUNISM! People like me reject these ideas. We realize that communism doesn't work, and we don't want to live that way. I have a strong desire to better myself, to lead and influence people and to be known. I want to make myself a better person so I can stand out among the rest, so I can have better things and have a greater quality of life.

In order to get there, I don't sit back and follow along with what everyone else does. I listen to their ideas and then I think about them. If they don't make sense, then I don't go along with them.

It is okay to judge people. And quite frankly, I doubt most people could say they don't judge anyone in some way shape or form. Sure, everyone makes mistakes in their life, but I have to consider their actions. I need to know the people I surround myself with. I want to live my life a certain way, and in order to achieve that lifestyle I need to be surrounded by a certain type of people. So when I meet someone, I judge them. I am instantly able to make a preliminary judgement whether or not this is someone I want to include in my life or not. Are they of any worth to me?

I don't give people the benefit of the doubt. I'm not nice to everyone I meet. Not to say that I am automatically mean either, I am indifferent until the person gives me just cause to think otherwise. I am a valuable person, and I only give my friendship to those who I deem worthy of it.

I will judge you based on your thoughts and your actions. I will take into account your feelings about things you have done. But in the end, I will judge you. I will determine in my opinion the value of you as a person and whether or not you are worthy to be an aquaintance of mine, or even a friend.

Some people say they evaluate others and then decide whether to be around them or not. But they also say that they don't pass judgement on them. That is simply misleading to those who do not think about what they were told. Judgement means: The formation of an opinion after consideration or deliberation; The capacity to assess situations or circumstances and draw sound conclusions; good sense; The capacity to form an opinion by distinguishing and evaluating. [These definitions came from]
So yes indeed-e-do, you are judging people. Now if only you had the self-confidence to stand up and admit that.

People these days are so damned concerned over how what they say will be perceived by others that they are afraid to admit the truth. You are judging people. Yeehaw. Admit it and go on. There is nothing wrong with it. Just like there is nothing wrong with being selfish (ahhh...another rant for another day...).

But not everyone can be an Alpha-Plus, and I wouldn't want them to be. It is just sad that so many people feel they have to sit down and say they are doing "the right thing" when they are actually doing something else but will not admit it- for appearances sake. In my book, they look lame. They aren't even making a valid argument.

Take a step back. Evaluate the situation. Decide what you are really doing. Then make a stand. Present a valid argument. I know I would respect you a lot more if you just made a valid argument, even if I don't agree.


Friday, September 10, 2004

Tragedy or Stupidity?

Throughout my life, I see more and more things becoming "idiot-proof." Everything has safety switches and warning labels and alarms. These things probably save thousands of lives every year. Personally, I'd like to see them disappear.

These idiot-proofing devices are to prevent morons from harming, dismembering or killing themselves. Why?

Why do we want to allow morons to further our species? You see there is a man who once explained all of this quite well. His name is Charles Darwin. He spoke of a thing called "Natural Selection." It speaks of the process of evolution and increasing the individual's ability to compete, survive, and reproduce. Therefore meaning that the weak and unintelligent should fall out of this cycle, making the species stronger and smarter in its wake.

The problem is too many people have become too nice and want to protect everyone. There are already too many people in this world, why do we want to save the undesirables? Is that what we want for our future society to be comprised of? I do not.

The worst part is, nowadays people read an article about a couple of kids playing Russian Roulette and one dies, or a person sets themselves ablaze to videotape themselves looking cool and they burn to death, or a woman smells natural gas so she lights a cigarette while waiting for the repairman and blows up her trailer [with herself in it] and people think this is a tragedy!! This is no tragedy! This is pure stupidity. Natural Selection at its finest. Those people were not smart enough to survive so they took themselves out of the gene pool. I say thank you to those people. Thanks for removing yourself from the gene pool and thanks for the laugh!

This type of human is not helping our species advance. They are holding us back. Mind you these are also the type of morons who have a litter of kids because they can't figure out how birth control works. We don't need these idiots and we don't need their moronic children either. I mean, why do you need a warning label to tell you that gasoline is flammable or that electricity might electrocute you or that a cup of coffee is hot?!?!? Where have you been? How can this possibly be new information? And don't give me any crap about how children may not know. Where are their parents?? If you need a sign to tell you not to ingest something called "rat poisoning" then you deserve to die. But please, make sure you share with your family first.

I think Darwinism would make our world a better place. Smarter people. Less of them. I can only imagine how nice it could be. We would have more advanced technology, less illness, longer life-spans, the list goes on. And to top it off, we could get some laughs while all of these substandard folks find ways to off themselves. Personally, I find it quite amusing to watch videos of these people who try their darndest to get a Darwin Award. What is a Darwin Award, you ask? Well, it is a prestigious award given only to those folks who manage to be dumb enough to remove themselves from the gene pool. Check out Darwin Awards for some rather humorous finds. And hey, they don't all die; some of them just manage to destroy their reproductive organs!

So next time you come across a moron doing something dumb, don't jump out and help them, let Natural Selection do its job. Help make our society a better place for those of us who are superior.

Darwinism, Darwinism, RAH RAH RAH!!!

Monday, September 06, 2004

A clove of garlic, a pinch of Kosher Salt and a lot of laughter!

There are a few ingredients that go in just about everything I cook.
Garlic: well, I'm Italian, what do you expect??
Kosher Salt: brings out the flavors in things.
Laughter: well, everything is better with laughter.

Earlier this year when shopping to decorate the new apartment I would be moving into, I came across somthing for the kitchen. For some reason, it made me laugh. Though this was not really how I had planned to decorate my kitchen, the laughter this provided settled it. The "Fat Chefs" would soon be moving in as well.

I don't know what exactly it is about them. I just like them. And they make me laugh. So instead of some boring picure of fruit and plain colored towels, the Fat Chefs can be seen hanging around my kitchen with their buddy the Frog Scrubby Holder:

-Pix :)

Friday, September 03, 2004

"Bad Words"

Words are words. What makes some of them “bad”?

I never understood the concept of why some words are considered to be “bad” or “curse” or “cuss” or “profane” words. Who decided that? Why? What is the point? Sure, it gives what you are saying a certain emphasis, but so does choosing long words or short words or alliteration, etc.

Personally, I do not understand why people are offended by hearing certain words. It is about as logical as saying that the word “pencil” offends me, so I don’t want to hear anyone say it ever again. Why?

There are different levels of “bad words”, too. Growing up, it seemed that we were limited to a short list of words that you were not supposed to say or write. As I’ve gotten older, it seems that there are a variety of other words that are deemed socially or politically incorrect. Yet as this list increases, understanding why such a thing as “bad words” seems increasingly incomprehensible.

To make matters worse, whether or not something is a bad word seems to be determined by context and what words it is accompanied by. For example: at church you can say Hell (meaning the place only), but anywhere else hell is a “bad word.” When they edit movies for T.V. you often hear (Bleep)***damnit. Well, when did God become a “bad word?” Or Ass****(Bleep). Hole is “bad?” Then you have situations where certain races would be highly offended by someone calling them a certain name, yet they casually call each other that name. Huh??

While I contemplate the stupidity of the issue, what I find annoyingly ridiculous is that when I have a child someday, I will have to teach him or her not to say these “bad words” even though I personally feel it is a load of garbage. Why? Because everyone else will, and I don’t want to get phone calls from upset parents saying: (in a whiney voice) “Do you know what my son said? Do you know where he heard it?” Basically, I don’t want to be hassled.

Then there are the people who “don’t curse.” But many of them just fill in other words instead. “Oh, I said “shoot” or “dang” or “heck” so I’m still a “good person.” I didn’t curse.” [Insert me rolling my eyes here] What is the difference? Why is using a term where you changed a few letters around in a similar context any better?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to infiltrate your daily verbage with all kinds of “colorful metaphors,” but if you want to say a “bad word” why not say it? After all, it is just a word. Just vowels and consonants put together in a particular order and pronounced a certain way.

So go ahead, take a step, be bold and if the situation arises, just fucking go for it! (Ahhh, that felt good :) )