Thursday, August 12, 2004


Quite frequently, you hear women complain about men and men complain about women. I’m going to do something a little abnormal. I’m going to take the woman complains about women option.

A long long time ago, things were fine. Men and women each had their separate “jobs” in society. To be blunt about it: Men were the hunters, protectors and providers. They brought home food that they hunted. They built shelter, protected their families from danger. They provided many of the essential elements to survival. Women bore children, gathered and provided things as well. Women would gather berries and such types of nourishment, keep the home clean, cook the food, and provide medical attention. They also raised the children, made clothing, etc. They provided different elements essential to survival. The beauty of this is how men and women work together to provide what was needed for survival and prosperity.

Then the damn feminazis came along.

Some silly woman (Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, etc…) came along and started to change things. Now don’t get me completely wrong, there are some women’s rights things I believe in: the right to vote, equal pay for equal work…. The thing that I have issues with is women who think women are equal in every way to a man. Hello!! They are not! They are not supposed to be. For example: women are built to bare children. Men are built to provide for and protect those women while they are pregnant. Therefore, men are designed to be physically stronger than women for the sake of the survival of our species.

For some reason they conveyed the message to women that they needed to get out of the kitchen and into the workforce. They could have it all! Be a mother, have a family AND a career! But at what price?

I can see how a lot of women are in the workforce. Heck, I work full time right now. I can also understand getting a higher education. What I don’t understand is the need to do this, and basically compete to “be the man” or “the breadwinner.” And what I really cannot comprehend is how women can say that being a full-time housewife/mother is not a job! (Yes, I did say housewife!) And how they think they can work 40+ hours a week AND be a housewife and a mother! Would you work 2 full time office jobs? And if you did, expect to do them both well? I don’t think so. Most people have a hard enough time doing even one full-time job well.

This is where the problem with our society today begins. Mrs. Career Woman (Mrs. CW) decides she should work 40 hours a week and have a career. Mr. Husband (Mr. H) is also working, because he is the man and thinks he should. They decide the only way they can afford to have the things they want is to have a two-income family. Then, Mrs. CW gets pregnant and has a kid. A couple of weeks later, she heads back to CareerWorld and dumps her kid in daycare. She ends up missing out on many of the wonderful things you get to experience as a parent. The first steps, words, etc…. Not only that, but some stranger who has god-only-knows-how-many other kids to watch simultaneously is now imparting his or her morals and beliefs on Mrs. CW’s child. The poor child is exposed day after day to many other kids, and their germs. The child gets ill, and Mrs. CW feels more stressed about having to leave work than about the health of her child. The cycle continues and continues. I think it is things like this that has changed our society to the sad state it is in today. (I will save the details of that for another time…)

It is really a shame that so many women have been brainwashed that you cannot be a success or be satisfied with life unless you have a career outside of the home. They are so judgmental towards those of us who want to stay home and make a better life for ourselves, our husbands and our kids. Behind our backs, we are referred to as “lazy” or “unemployed.” To our face, a simple “oh” with a look of disappointment is all we get. What is so wrong with a woman wanting to be at home? What is so wrong with raising your child yourself? With taking care of your husband? Running your household?

The solution to the problem with our society begins with rethinking of the women. Mrs. Housewife takes her full-time job as a housewife and mother very seriously. She wants to be there for her husband and her child always. Their health and well-being is the main priority in her life. She takes pride and pleasure in caring for them the best that she can. It provides her with as much, if not more satisfaction that any career would have. Mr. Husband is overjoyed. He gets to provide for his family, gets well taken care of and knows his child will be raised well, with the morals and beliefs that he wants. The child grows up knowing their self-worth and respects themselves. And the cycle continues…

I cannot imagine too many men out there would not want to have the women they love enough to marry, take care of them and their child and have that be their main and only concern. If more women would allow their husband to protect and provide for them, they would see how wonderful things would be for them, too. It really is quite wonderful in so many ways to act like a true lady and be accompained in life by a true gemtleman. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, and things that are out of people’s control. Generally speaking though, I think that a “return to family values” would make a happier more peaceful society for everyone.

In closing, I want to recommend a book that I received from my mother-in-law shortly after I got married. It is called “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. (Here is a link to it.) I read the book, and I absolutely loved it. Now I don’t know a whole lot about Dr. Laura- I hear she has some off-the-wall ideas and I’ve never heard her radio show. However, I highly recommend this book. She makes a variety of good points and has examples of things you can do to improve the quality of you and your husband’s life. It was so refreshing to know that I am not the only woman out there who has these thoughts. I recommend all women read this book and consider what she has to say. You can learn a lot of good things. I also got a lot of good laughs from this book.



Blogger Cocles said...

Nice. Very nice.

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this. You did a great job putting down your thoughts, and coincidentally (though I dont think it was much of a coincidence) matched them up to exactly how I feel. I back up everything you say and I wish I could express my thoughts on the same issue as well as you do. I say: You're a lady, BE a lady. Stop trying to prove something to someone who you don't even care about and show your husband and child(ren) that you care the world for them. This may be the inspiration I needed to start a blog ... we'll see. (Beckybug)

5:15 PM  
Blogger Legolas said...

AMEN SISTER PIXIE! I would just like to add this small little tid bit... When a woman works a full work week, and cooks/cleans/takes care of the kids, she is working double... She gets stressed, and then the man who may work 40-50 hours a week, is not doing enough. He too needs to pull his equal weight and the result is a couple that is burned out. They have no time or energy for themselves, for the relation ship or the kids if you have them... This is a HUGE reason why the divorce rate is so HIGH.
Personally I'll make a bit less money every year if that means I can have a stronger relationship. I am really not sure why more people do not think like this, if I have kids, I want to be there as much as possible. If my wife wanted to work, I'll be the frickin househusband and raise the kid. That would be great for my kid and me.

Sorry thats a bit ranty.

9:00 AM  
Blogger thuringwethil2004 said...

I can't add a whole lot then I agree totally. I just started working part time, at home, and it kills me. But I don't miss anything special about my kids either. Can't imagine a daycare worker watching my baby take her first steps.

2:49 PM  

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