Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Mise En Place

I'd imagine many of you are wondering what in the heck "Mise En Place" is.

Well, for starters, it is pronounced Meez-Ahn-Plahs. It is a term used by chefs around the world. Simply put, it means "to put in place." For chefs, it means to have everything prepared and ready to go before you start cooking. All of the ingredients and cooking untensils you need should be ready and available for use.

What does this have to do with me?

Well, I am a trained chef. And while I no longer work in a restaurant, I did so for many years. I even went to school for it. I love to cook. The one thing we would always say to all of the other cooks on the line before beginning another evening's show (as I like to refer to it) was: "Do you have your Mise En Place?"

Well, for me it not only includes having all of the ingredients and utensils, but it is being in the proper mindset, as well.

I thought the title was kinda fun since my blog is the place where I can get my mental Mise En Place ready for all of you readers out there.

There you have it! :)



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