Sunday, July 18, 2004

Saturday Night on The Sunset Strip

Many people have the idea that the Sunset Strip is all fame and glamour. This weekend a group of us were walking along the strip to go to a diner. Let me tell you, the things I saw were not very glamorous. Now mind you, this is not the first time I have ever walked down the Strip on a Saturday night, but I’m kinda thinking it will be the last.
I live in LA, so I see gross stuff and disgusting people all of the time. That is really nothing new. But I must say how disappointing it was to see where it seems my fellow humans are heading.
First there were the homeless people. LA is full of homeless people. But most of the time they stand on their freeway off ramp (or wherever) with their sign begging for money or food. They sometimes invade your space (we had one spit at us the other day…) but mostly kinda keep to themselves. However, on the Strip on this particular Saturday night, they were a lot more invasive. They seemed to be a good deal more plentiful than usual. And loud. Basically causing a scene everywhere I saw one. And the stench. Good grief. All I can say is try to hold your breath and hurry along by them.
Next were the drunk people. Of course, that is just about everyone out walking around. Now mind you, the sidewalks are not very wide, and there are lots of cars driving right next to you. Many of these drunk people can’t walk straight, or even by themselves. They are often in groups trying to hold each other up. Oh and a good bit of them are smoking. So you have to dodge the flailing cigarettes so you or you clothing don’t get burned. Then there are the bits of conversations you overhear as you walk past people. My god people, don’t they have any self respect? Then there are the actions…which I won’t describe, but I’m sure you can imagine. People either don’t realize or don’t care that they are so trashy.
Then, we saw the House of Blues get emptied out by the fire department. Well, imagine an entire club full of people suddenly with no club to occupy. The streets were packed. And the people were pretty miffed that they got kicked out. We saw one guy getting arrested.
There were cops everywhere. I mean everywhere. There were motorcycle cops every few feet. There were cruisers at least every block. I guess it is good because it keeps too many people from cruising, and helps keep the crowds calm. Only not really. As we were walking, this group of drunkards started sparatically sprinting through the cars on Sunset. Right next to a motorcycle cop. Through the steadily moving traffic. If you ask me, the only tragedy was that none of them were killed.
All I could think of was how stupid many of those people were acting. What asses they made of themselves. I wonder if they saw a video of their behavior if they would act the same way. As soon as we reached the Strip, I was ready to turn around and head back. Far away from all of the stupid and creepy and smelly people. It’s too bad so many people can only find fun in that way. Personally, being drunk of your ass and acting like a slutty moron just doesn’t sound appealing.


Blogger Legolas said...

Sounds like down town madison at halloween... I hate it.
This may sound a bit harsh, but I wish there was a god that would come down and flood the streets at certain times. Just to clean the trash out.

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Grunt.

We have a similar problem here in the UK.
However, they don't have anywhere near the problem in mainland Europe. I believe it is down to restrictive drinking regulations. Here we have limited drinking hours (Pubs close at 11:30pm, Clubs @ 2am) so people drink more in a shorter period and thus get staggering drunk. In Europe they have minimal regulation so the people don't feel the need to rush their drinking and don't get quite so smashed. Also, since people leave the bar when they like (rather than at closing time) then you don't get all those drunks on the street at the same time. It's not perfect but works better than anywhere else I've been.

2:56 AM  

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