Monday, July 19, 2004

Computer Problem

I hate it when people try to pretend like they know how to do things on their computer.

I am nice, DAMNIT, and when anyone asks me how to do something, I help them. So why on Earth people feel they should play the guessing game, screw everything up and then come over to me for help, well, it is beyond my comprehension. And I’m the only one at work who knows jack about computers- which is just really sad because I don’t know much at all about computers.

So nice-me explains to the friggin’ idiot [for about the fifth time] that if he needs xyz done, that I would be happy to do it for him. I mean, it takes me about 30 seconds to do it. But NOOOO he has to try to do it himself. And he messes it all up. And as if it wasn’t bad enough, he not only does it wrong on his computer, but the server and our reference database!!! ARGGG!

So I fix what he tells me he “thinks he might have done wrong, but he’s not sure.” Then he adds, oh I think I have abc done in the wrong way too.

Of course, I just deleted all of the links to abc (based on the original information he told me), and have no idea where to find the document now.

I’d search for it, but he’s not sure what it was called!?!?! WTF!!!

This whole issue especially ticks me off because he said he tried to do it himself because he knows how busy I am and he didn't what to bother me. Does he not realize that I could have done what he asked in 30 seconds? (I mean he should, I've only explained this to him five times before) And does he not realize that it will take a lot longer to fix the mess he made than asking me to help him in the first place? And to top it all of, this guy is more than twice my age! (okay, so that was probably obvious since he couldn't figure out how to work a computer)

Some people should not be allowed to use computers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Grunt.

Hi Pixie, Imagine how this makes us IT Pro's feel. We get to spend hours cleaning up the mess someone made of their PC with them hanging over our shoulder asking when it'll be fixed 'cos they need to do something urgently.

"Well, if you needed it so damned urgently why did you screw it up in the first place. When are you idiots going to learn not to screw with stuff you don't understand?"

That was the polite version. ;-)

2:06 AM  

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